Why 2021 is the Year of the Drip for Arkansas basketball coach Eric Musselman

Eric Musselman, Arkansas basketball (Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports)
Eric Musselman, Arkansas basketball (Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports) /

If 2020 was the year Arkansas basketball coach Eric Musselman got everyone to hop aboard the Muss Bus, 2021 is the year he gets to take a victory lap for the phenomenal turnaround and accomplishments he’s made to the Razorback basketball program.

Find someone who squeezes out more joy and passion in their life than Eric Musselman and you’ll probably be waiting a long time.

He’s got the No. 2 recruiting class in the country for 2022, his Hogs are ranked and he’s having a ton of fun along the way.

Arkansas basketball coach Eric Musselman won’t be out-coached and now he won’t be out-dripped

The man exudes fiery passion for his players, everything Razorbacks, Twitter— you name it and he’s going to work his way to be the best at whatever it is.

Whether it’s hanging out with Ice Cube at a concert, showing up to support the Arkansas football team at AT&T Stadium, giving detailed postmortems on Twitter, using creative communication to get-through to his players, or having his team ranked in the pre-season, he’s always striving for greatness.

Now, Musselman is stepping up his fit and his drip in 2021 and he may already be in the pole position after just a couple of weeks.

He’s laying out his game-day fits on Twitter, complete with his signature Diet Pepsi in tow.

He’s showcasing custom shoes, often with special meaning on the sidelines. In game one of the 2021 season, he showcased a pair of Air Force One’s with each of his 2021-22 players inscribed on them.

It’s become a regularly occurring theme for the head coach, who declared that he’s “stepping up the shoe game this season,” in a recent Tweet.

For the game against Northern Iowa, the coach flexed pretty hard, showcasing the players he signed to achieve the No. 2 ranked recruiting class for 2022 (which includes two, 5-star players).

When you combine all of that with his Razorback polo shirts, which by the way— does he ever wear the same polo twice in a season? The shirts are always on point.

There is no doubt that the head coach will (and maybe already has) achieved greatness with his outfits and shoe game this season.

Musselman’s drip is flowing better than anyone in the SEC and maybe in all of college basketball.

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