Arkansas Razorback Football: Hogs Blow Lead to Missouri

The Arkansas Razorbacks recently lost their game against the Missouri Tigers, and are now 3-6. They will take on the number one ranked team in Alabama for their last game of the season.

The Arkansas Razorbacks recently played their “Battle line Rival” in Missouri on the road, where the game was an odd one. The Hogs were down big to start the game, ten points to be exact. As the Tigers scored a field goal, and would work their way downfield to eventually score on a wildcat play with Larry Rountree.

However backup quarter back KJ Jefferson and the hogs would battle back and score six of their own in the first quarter with a passing touchdown to tight end Blake Kern. However special team woes continued with a missed field goal by A.J. Reed.

Jefferson found Burks early in the second quarter for a deep ball, that lead to the sophomore receiver creating enough space to fly in for the touchdown. After another Rountree touchdown, Trelon Smith was able to find his way into the end zone and these two teams were looked to be in for a battle.

Later, a quarterback sneak by Jefferson put the Hogs up 27-20. Following the Hogs score, the Tigers would settle for a field goal. However, Arkansas had more in mind at the time than a field goal. Trelon Smith was able to rush into the end zone for another touchdown putting the Razorbacks up 33-23.

Following yet another Missouri field goal to make it 33-26, Smith found the end zone again on a very well designed running play from Kendal Briles that forced the defense to think it was a toss to the opposite side. Instead, Smith ended up getting the ball on the left side and ran through the massive whole the line created.

While Arkansas was up 40-26, the Tigers went on a run and scored two straight touchdowns from two different running backs which eventually tied up the game. We then saw the Razorbacks run defense collapse and give up two big plays, one being a touchdown.

However, Jefferson and company did not give up, and drove the ball down the field. At the end of the drive, the Arkansas quarterback connected with Mike Woods in the end zone. Then on what was maybe a top ten play of the day, Woods catches the two point conversion to take the hogs up by one.

With 43 seconds left, the game has to be out of reach right? No, you would be wrong to assume that this Arkansas defense could get a few key stops to win the game. Missouri went on a drive and allowed quarterback Bazelak to set up the Tigers for a game winning field goal.

Arkansas Key Performances:

K.J. Jefferson, QB:

18-33, 274 yards, 3 Touchdowns

Trelon Smith, RB:

26 Carries, 172 yards, 3 Touchdowns

Treylon Burks, WR:

10 Receptions, 206 yards, 1 Touchdown