Arkansas Razorbacks Football: Knowing the Enemy Auburn Tigers

The Arkansas Razorbacks matchup against the Auburn Tigers has been a mismatch the past few years, it is time to get to know the 2020 Auburn Tigers.

A few months ago, football fans would have thought it would be Arkansas trying to piece things together heading into Auburn. That is not the case, the Arkansas Razorbacks may have questions concerning the offense, but the team has played extremely hard the past two games. The Auburn Tigers have had trouble establishing offensive consistency. At this point in the week, we examine and get to know the Auburn Tigers.

The Auburn Tigers played Georgia last Saturday and the offense struggled to say the least. Auburn’s offense could only muster 216 yards of total offense. The most concerning part of the offensive problems the Tigers are facing is the horrible rushing totals. Auburn has always been able to run the football and opposing defenses are having an easy time of dropping into coverage and not worrying about the threat of the run. Auburn’s rushing is only averaging 2.5 yards per carry and it is causing the Tigers to lean heavily on the passing game.

However, the Auburn passing game has managed to be the strong point of the Tigers’ offense. Quarterback Bo Nix was under constant pressure from the Georgia Bulldogs last Saturday. The Arkansas defense will need to cover Auburn wide receiver Seth Williams to prevent the big play. Auburn will attempt to get the ground game going before leaning on the pass. Arkansas has the talent on the defensive side of the ball to cause the Auburn offense problems.

The Arkansas offense will need to avoid the turnovers. Auburn forced three turnovers in the win over Kentucky two weeks ago. Arkansas has turned the ball over at key moments in the past two games and that will have to be avoided this weekend. Auburn is never at a shortage for defensive talent linebacker K.J. Britt has been all over the field for the Tigers and accounting for him will be key in establishing some offensive consistency. This game is another Arkansas could pull off an upset in and for Razorbacks’ fans this one is as personal as it will get.