Arkansas Football Team Holds Dunk Contest (Video)


As painful as it is to say, the 2015 Arkansas Football season is coming to a close. But there is still a little over a week until the Liberty Bowl, where our Arkansas Razorbacks will face off against the Kansas State Wildcats in Memphis. So in the meantime, our players had some fun.

Our Hogs took it to the courts last night, something we rarely get to see out of our football squad. A fun night of basketball quickly turned into a highly entertaining dunk contest. This contest featured a large portion of our football team, as well as large people on our football team. From watching on Saturdays, we already knew just how talented and athletic our gridiron gang was. But watching them pull off sweet dunks took things to a whole knew level.

OL Sebastian Tretola was the fly MC for the night, and a very good one at that. Some dunks were better than others, way better. One surprising contestant was OL Frank Ragnow, who is 6’5 312 lbs. The big man wasn’t flashy, but wasn’t too shabby either. The winner from last night’s dunk contest was none other than Defensive End Jamario Bell. For those that know who Jamario Bell is, then it’s probably no surprise that he won. Bell played basketball at Junction City, and was already popular for this glass shattering dunk.

Here’s an edited video of the dunks from last night’s contest. Let’s see you do this, Toledo.

"🏈🏀Who’s the best dunker on @RazorbackFB? 🎥— Arkansas Razorbacks (@ArkRazorbacks) December 22, 2015"

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The basketball and football team both had great nights on the court, although it looks like our b-ball team could use some guys from that dunk contest last night, just sayin’. After the contest, the fun didn’t stop for the team. Everyone took it to the bowling alley at Fast Lanes, where they racked up the tickets from the arcade and ate their hearts out (I’m looking at you, #PoundCake).

Now we just look forward to the future, a future where Kansas State gets demolished and the Razorbacks pull off three bowl wins in a row. I guess I could say that I hope the Liberty Bowl is a, wait for it, slam dunk.