The Arkansas Razorbacks Should Be Ranked


The Arkansas Razorbacks came in 29th in the newest AP Top 25 poll this week. The Hogs finished their season with a 28-3 win over the Missouri Tigers, which gave Arkansas a 7-5 record heading into bowl season. It’s not the best looking record by any means. In fact, the Razorbacks have the worst record of any team that received any votes in the AP Poll.

I realize that I sound like a homer when I say “The Arkansas Razorbacks Should Be Ranked.” But if you really break down the wins, losses, trends, and statistics, then it doesn’t sound as homerish. The Razorbacks started the season 1-3, and fell out of the top 25, justifiably. But since losing in OT to TAMU, the Razorbacks have won 6 of their last 8 games, including road wins against Ole Miss and LSU…WHO ARE BOTH STILL RANKED AHEAD OF US.

The Razorbacks 2 losses in the last 2 months came to #2 Alabama by 13 and Mississippi State by 1. LSU gets a 19-7 win over TAMU and jumps back into the polls after a 3 game losing streak? What the hell is this? The Arkansas Razorbacks are third in the SEC West behind Alabama and Ole Miss (WHO WE BEAT) and yet LSU is ahead of us in the polls. That is absurd.

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We all know why the Razorbacks aren’t ranked. No, it’s not the illuminati. It’s something far more stupid. The loss to Toledo. THE DUMBEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN. The Razorbacks were reeling from losing so many team leaders to injuries, including Johnathan Williams. They walked right into a classic trap game against a very talented Rockets team. They outgained Toledo by 200 yards, had 15 more minutes of possession time, and double the first downs…and lost by 4. BRANDON ALLEN THREW FOR 412 YARDS AND NO TOUCHDOWNS. THIS WAS THE DUMBEST GAME OF ALL TIME.

I can’t even process this.

Look, the Toledo loss was a bad loss. Texas Tech wasn’t great either. And obviously neither was TAMU. I realize I’m not helping my case here, but if you look at how the season started vs how it ended, then it’s obvious that the Hogs deserve to be ranked heading into their bowl game.

First off, the Razorbacks finished 5-3 in conference play, which includes 3 road wins. That’s hard to do in the SEC West, even though the conference as a whole is down this year. Also, they won down the stretch. A 4 game win streak, and 6 of their last 8 games were wins. That’s a heck of a turnaround for a team, and it should be recognized. The Razorbacks offense has become one of the best in the SEC, and Brandon Allen has the highest QBR in the conference.

The Hogs are a damn good team, and their record doesn’t show it. They never got their ass whipped, despite what that haircut with a headset said. The Hogs lost 3 in a row early, and they were losses by 4, 7, and 11 points. Their other 2 losses, as I said earlier, were by 13 points and 1 point. The Hogs never got beat by more than 2 touchdowns, and were in positions to win or tie 3 of those losses in late game situations. I hate to play the “so close” card, but holy crap the Hogs were so close to going 10-2. If injuries hadn’t plagued the squad in September and early October, then the Razorbacks might have had the kind of season they were hoping for in August.

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It just blows my mind that LSU loses 3 of their last 4 and are ranked, and that Arkansas wins 3 of their last 4 and are not. Just because of one lil ol Toledo loss, that was very clearly a flukey fluke game.

Honestly, though, the 2015 Arkansas Razorbacks play better with a chip on their shoulder. And I hope that they feel a little bit of disrespect for being ranked behind LSU, Ole Miss, an 8-4 USC squad, and a 9-3 Utah team that jumped back into the polls with a 6 point win over Colorado. There are other examples, but you get the idea. The Razorbacks are playing lights out right now, and have been for the last 2 months. If the Razorbacks win their bowl game and finish 8-5, then they’ll surely finish in the top 25. Which is crazy, considering this team lost to Toledo.

Stupid MACtion! CURSE YOU!