'Arkansas, beware' of John Calipari, says Skip Bayless in X post

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Sometimes, you wonder how some folks get the jobs they do. One glaring example in sports media is Skip Bayless. 

There's no other person in the country who has a large audience and sticks his foot in his mouth with consistent bad takes more than Bayless. Of course, he has some good takes, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

In his latest episode of "Skip's Bad Takes," he posted an unprovoked shot at John Calipari on X.

Has any Hall of Famer ever dealt with the type of coverage that Calpari has since moving to Arkansas? Reed Sheppard and Rob Dillingham played more than 25 minutes in Kentucky’s NCAA tournament loss to Oakland — the third and fourth most on the team.

Yes, they came off the bench, but just because they came off the bench doesn’t mean they didn’t play. And just because they played doesn't mean they played well. Sheppard led the team with four assists but couldn't find a shot, going 1-5 (20 percent) and scoring only three points. Dillingham scored ten points and brought in 6 boards, but he went 2-9 (22 percent) from the field. Putting that squarely on Calipari's back isn't fair, but on brand for Bayless.

Everyone talks about the Calipari effect, but Skip Bayless’ tweet is an excellent example of the Arkansas effect. It doesn’t matter how great you are as a coach or a player; the media will find some way to put you down.