Can Luke Hasz be the new Brock Bowers? One writer thinks so.

Sep 2, 2023; Little Rock, Arkansas, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks tight end Luke Hasz (9) after the game
Sep 2, 2023; Little Rock, Arkansas, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks tight end Luke Hasz (9) after the game / Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Brock Bowers will go down as a top-5 SEC tight end of all time, if not the greatest. At Georgia, he was arguably the best offensive player on the field three years in a row. Bowers won two national championships. He racked up 2538 yards receiving and 26 touchdowns as a Bulldog, including a senior season where he recorded 714 yards through the air and six touchdowns while playing only ten games.

While he may not have been the first small-bodied, pass-catching TE in history, Bowers was the man who made it fashionable. Every team in the country is looking to duplicate the results, including Arkansas. And according to Conner O'Gara of Saturday Down South, the Hogs might already have a "Bowers" type of player on the team. 

In his article, O'Gara posed the question, "Which SEC tight end can fill the Brock Bowers void?" to which his answer is Arkansas' star, TE Luke Hasz. The two are almost clones. Both are 6-foot-3-inches tall and north of 240 pounds. They play similar roles on the offense and move extremely well for their size. Bowers is a bit quicker than Hasz, but because of their athleticism compared to the linebackers covering them, they're walking mismatches, and the contrast in quickness doesn't make much of a difference.

His story arc is close to Bowers, too. If it weren't for his injury, Hasz would have been the best offensive player on the team. When comparing the two tight ends, O'Gara wrote this,

""Hasz can follow that Bowers blueprint of sorts because in a way, he already started that process as the best offensive player on his team as a true freshman tight end in 2023... all Hasz did was go into Death Valley at night and get lost in the LSU defense for 6 catches for 116 yards and 2 scores (via @DevyDeepDive). That was like the first time that Bowers played in Sanford Stadium and he casually put up 3 catches for 107 yards and 2 scores.""

O'Gara isn't trying to make Hasz out as the best in the league. He even goes as far as to name his vote for the best returning TE, Ole Miss' Caden Prieskorn. However, Hasz was on pace to have a 750-yard season before breaking his collarbone against Texas A&M, perhaps jumping DJ Williams' record of 723 yards and making him the all-time leader for TEs. All while being a true freshman.

If Hasz can stay healthy, new offensive coordinator Bobby Petrino won't waste time utilizing the Bixby native. Hasz is excited about the change in leadership, "He’s giving us freedom as a tight end room to go play all over the field. He’s allowing us to play in a position where we’re gonna be at our best." Add a fresh, exciting face at quarterback in Talen Green, and a much improved offensive line to protect him, and Hasz is primed to have a monster season.

And judging by the spring game, it looks like Green and Hasz already have a connection.