By the Numbers- Arkansas baseball vs South Carolina, Missed opportunities

Feb 24, 2024; Arlington, TX, USA; Oklahoma plays Arkansas during the Kubota College Baseball Series
Feb 24, 2024; Arlington, TX, USA; Oklahoma plays Arkansas during the Kubota College Baseball Series / Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports
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The Diamond Hogs walked out of Columbia with a series win on Saturday, but not before dropping game two of the set. Arkansas is now 5-1 in the SEC series, but the schedule gets significantly harder until the end of the regular season.

There has been a constant theme with Arkansas' losses. In all but one of their them, the Razorbacks failed to score more than three runs. On the other hand, in 29 of their 34 wins, they scored four or more. With a world-class pitching staff at their disposal, that seems to be the threshold to shoot for from the plate.

Florida is one of the worst in the SEC on the mound, ranking near last in every category. However, the final three teams on Arkansas' schedule — Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M — all rank in the top five in most categories.

Although they won, the series against South Carolina showed some troubling signs for the Razorbacks struggling offense. Here, we'll dive into the numbers to see exactly what happened with the Hogs this past weekend.

Box Score Analysis

Batting average with runners in scoring position (RISP)

This stat has haunted Arkansas since the beginning of the season and the first two games of the series were no different. The Hogs hit 2-25 (.080) with RISP. For the last few years, Arkansas fans have complained on social media that the Diamond Hogs rely too much on the long ball to survive. Now, the Hogs seem to be reaping what they sowed. 

Unfortunately, the Razorbacks don't have reliable power hitters to make the difference this season. Arkansas ranks tenth in the SEC in home runs, but without the long ball, it has adapted some. However, the problem isn't getting hits. 

In all three games, Arkansas either out-hit the Gamecocks or were dead even. Strangely enough, the biggest differential in hits came in the 6-3 loss on Saturday. Arkansas out-hit South Carolina 12-9 but only recorded a hit with RISP once. But it was for naught as Jack Wagner's single in the ninth only advanced Wehiwa Aloy from second to third. Arkansas' scores came from a solo shot by Peyton Stovall in the ninth, a sacrifice fly in the fourth, and a fielder's choice in the seventh.

To get through the next four series relatively unscathed, Arkansas needs to make good on the opportunities it receives.