5 worst Arkansas football head coaching hires

Let's look back at the history of Arkansas football and examine the careers of the five worst Arkansas football head coaches of all-time.
Western Kentucky v Arkansas
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No. 1: Chad Morris (2018-19)

If Sam Pittman is in over his head as head coach right now, then words can't really describe the Chad Morris era at Arkansas. That's because the ineptitude Morris displayed while in Fayetteville was beyond anything anyone could have imagined.

What was crazy was that Morris was hired despite going just 14-22 at his previous stop, SMU. In fact, the best SMU ever did under his watch was a 7-5 record in 2017.

Still, his time as a high-profile Clemson assistant coach and his roots as a Texas high school football coach were enough to land him the job at Arkansas where it was believed he would bring in tons of Texas talent to operate a cutting-edge offensive scheme.

That didn't happen. Not even close. In fact, during his two years in charge, Arkansas went just 4-18 overall and 0-14 in conference play.

Just look at some of the teams Morris lost to while at Arkansas...Colorado State, North Texas, Vanderbilt, San Jose State, and Western Kentucky. What's more, 11 of his losses were by 10 points or more meaning that his teams were rarely competitive.

To add insult to injury was the fact that, when Morris was fired, Arkansas owed him $10 million as a buyout. That was in addition to still owing Bielema a huge portion of his $11.8 million buyout. Thus, the program was somewhat hamstrug financially by making back-to-back poor hires.

Morris has the lowest winning percentage in Arkansas history, 0.182. He also had more humiliating losses in two years than many Arkansas coaches have had in their entire careers.

Morris might never get another major college head coaching gig because of how poorly his time at Arkansas went. He's currently the wide receivers coach at Texas State, a far cry from leading an S.E.C. program. His ineptitude will forever be a painful symbol of how far Arkansas football fell in the post-Petrino fall out and he is without question the worst head coach in the long and storied history of Razorback football.