Eric Musselman gives ultimate flex to reporter who asked how he’ll handle Teddy “Buckets” of New Mexico State

Eric Musselman, Arkansas Basketball

Arkansas Basketball March Madness; BUFFALO, NEW YORK – MARCH 16: Head coach Eric Musselman of the Arkansas Razorbacks addresses the media during the practice sessions of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – First Round at the KeyBank Center on March 16, 2022 in Buffalo, New York. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Arkansas Basketball Coach Eric Musselman continues to be one of the most colorful personalities presently participating in the March Madness tournament

Eric Musselman, one of the most experienced coaches in all of college basketball— a man who has just about done and seen it all from virtually every level of the game— was just asked one of the most absurd questions you’ll hear from a member of the media during March Madness.

The reporter, who was off-camera, asked Musselman a question during media availability in advance of the round two March Madness matchup between the No. 4 seed Arkansas Razorbacks and the No. 12 New Mexico State Aggies.

The Razorback Head Coach has been an assistant NBA coach for many years, an NBA head coach for many years, a college assistant for many years and a college head coach for many years— like since the 1990s.

So, it was a bit of a surprise to hear this unnamed reporter ask the following question to Musselman:

When you watch tape and see a guy like Teddy Buckets— Teddy Allen— and some of the unorthodox ways that he can score and do things, have you had a player like that before in your time and how do go about containing somebody with such an unorthodox style?

For context, this reporter is talking about Teddy Allen, a 6’6″ junior guard who had a breakout performance in the team’s round one upset over No. 5 seed UConn March 17.

Allen, whom the reporter referred to as “Teddy Buckets,” scored 37 points in the big win over the Huskies. For context, Allen averages 19.9 ppg— just a tic more than All-American and Razorback JD Notae (18.4 ppg).

Musselman was a lot kinder to the reporter than he probably should have been, but still could contain his laughter when giving his answer.

“He’s really good,” Musselman said of Allen.

“But, I’ve also game planned for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade,” he said beginning to laugh.

The Arkansas Basketball coach tried to reel it back in and tried to be complimentary of the hot-handed Teddy Allen.

“He presents a lot of problems because of his ability to draw fouls. He has unlimited range,” the Razorback coach said.

You can see the reporter’s question and Eric Musselman’s response below. Arkansas and New Mexico State will tip-off at 7:40 p.m. CT March 19 on TNT with a trip to the Sweet Sixteen on the line.