Why Sam Pittman should pursue Ed Orgeron to join the Arkansas Football coaching staff

Ed Orgeron, Arkansas Football (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Ed Orgeron, Arkansas Football (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
Ed Orgeron, Arkansas Football
Could Ed Orgeron make a return to the Arkansas Football team? (Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports) /

Ed Orgeron, the former National Championship-winning LSU Tigers head coach, is currently laying low and enjoying the quite life away from the pressures of college football.

However, with the Arkansas Football team currently without a defensive line coach, now may be the perfect time to give Ed Orgeron a call about rejoining the Razorbacks.

That’s right, I said rejoin. Not many remember that Coach O was the Assistant Strength Coach under Ken Hatfield from 1986-1987 before zipping over to Miami to coach Dwayne Johnson (before he became known as “The Rock”) and the rest of the Hurricane’s defensive line.

Yes, it’s longer than a long shot that Orgeron would actually return to Fayetteville, but it’s the offseason, and a guy can dream.

The Arkansas Football team should at least reach out to Orgeron

Sam Pittman just relieved defensive line coach  Jermial Ashley of his duties and he is no longer with the team, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Orgeron made his name as a defensive line coach, accumulating years of expeirence as the DL Coach at the aforementioned Miami, Syracuse, USC, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee and LSU.

However, in order to land Coach O, it would require him to forgo most, if not all, of his massive $16.8 million payout from the LSU Tigers.

According to WAFB, Coach O must refrain from coaching in the SEC for 18 months in order to receive his full buy-out.

But, if Orgeron doesn’t care about the money and has the itch to get back to his roots, Arkansas would be the perfect spot for him.

Pittman, an old Offensive Line Coach, could be the yin to Orgeron’s yang. Coach O would help with landing recruits, knows what it takes to get to and win a national championship and has a fiery passion for the game of football seen by few others.

If Orgeron were to land in Fayetteville, it would give the Razorbacks an Avengers-level assemblage of coaches: Sam Pittman, Kendal Briles, Barry Odom and Ed Orgeron.

That sounds like a staff that could do some serious damage in the SEC.

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Kudos to Best of Arkansas Sports for putting the original idea out there of pursing Orgeron.