Arkansas Basketball: 3 paths for the Hogs to make the NCAA Tournament

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Path No. 2: The Razorbacks beef-up their resume with ranked wins

The Hogs took a very big first step down this path when they defeated No. 12 LSU on the road in Baton Rouge without Eric Musselman on the sidelines for the game.

Assistant coach Keith Smart led the Razorbacks to a massive road win and put a huge win on the March Madness resume for the Hogs.

To be selected in the tournament, the Arkansas basketball team will likely need a few additional wins against ranked opponents.

They will have ample opportunities to beef up the resume when they face the handful of SEC teams that are ranked:

Feb. 2 Arkansas vs No. 2 Auburn
Feb. 19 Arkansas vs. No. 24 Tennessee
Feb. 26 Arkansas vs. No. 12 Kentucky
March 2 Arkansas vs No. 13 LSU
March 5 Arkansas at No. 24 Tennessee

The fact that four out of five of these match-ups will be at home is a huge boost to Arkansas’ chances at winning some of these games.

The Hogs will likely need to win two or three of these games to have a realistic shot at making the tournament. They’ll also need to win their games against the unranked teams, too.

It’s an uphill battle, but a possible path.