Arkansas Basketball: Player accidentally injures Musselman in practice

Arkansas Basketball Head Coach Eric Musselman (Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports)
Arkansas Basketball Head Coach Eric Musselman (Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports) /
Arkansas Basketball
Trey Wade, Arkansas Basketball (Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports) /

Arkansas Basketball Coach Eric Musselman confirmed a bizarre piece of information to a reporter on Twitter this week.

He said that he’s been coaching the past five games with a tear in his left rotator cuff. So for the match-ups against Elon, Hofstra, Oklahoma, Charlotte and Little Rock, the coach was on the sidelines with the injury.

Arkansas Basketball Coach Eric Musselman reveals he has a torn rotator cuff

Musselman confirmed a report from Arkansas Times Record’s Christina Long that Musselman sustained an injury in a Dec. 2 practice.

During the practice, Musselman was running the “Pat Riley close-out drill.” Coach was engaged with senior Trey Wade and a collision ensued.

The head coach confirmed that he received an MRI after the incident and it revealed that surgery would be needed.

In the tweet he said he’s “hopeful to put off surgery until post season,” which is good news for the Razorbacks. They’ll need their leader on the sidelines, especially once conference play begins in the next few days.

It appears the injury has not impacted the intensity in which Musselman is known for on the sidelines. Just a few games ago, he was animated and frustrated with the officiating during the Oklahoma game, resulting in him being ejected.

One concerned fan on Twitter asked the coach, tongue-in-cheeck, if the injury would be causing any disruption in his in-game Diet Pepsi habit (spoiler alert: no).

Musselman’s wife, Danyelle, also chimed in on the news, reminding everyone that Musselman once coached in South America with a torn Achilles.

The Razorbacks are set to begin SEC play Dec. 29 when they travel to Mississippi State. The game will begin at 8 p.m. CT and is set to air on the SEC Network.

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