3 lessons Arkansas Football fans can learn from the Urban Meyer fiasco

What the Arkansas Football team can learn about the Urban Meyer debacle. (Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports)
What the Arkansas Football team can learn about the Urban Meyer debacle. (Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Kindness, respect and sportsmanship has a trickle-down affect

Perhaps the final straw, or one of the final straws, that led to the firing of Urban Meyer was a damning report from a former Jaguars player who alleged Meyer kicked him and demeaned players with crude nicknames, according to multiple reports.

Not to mention the months-earlier screw-up when Meyer was seen engaging in inappropriate behavior with a woman— who was not his wife.

And then there were the pre-season distractions of bringing Tim Tebow in to Training Camp for a tryout in a position he’s never really played.

Or the hiring of strength coach who is to have allegedly used racist language outwardly and openly, according to multiple reports.

Time after time, despite his impressive resume and championship pedigree, Meyer proved to be a distraction. He exhibited self-absorbed, egotistical behavior that negatively impacted his football team.

We haven’t even delved into his performance this season (spoiler alert, he’s won more college championships than NFL games).

Not all splashy, big, blockbuster hires are like Urban Meyer, but seeing the baggage that comes with someone who is under the microscope and believes himself to be bigger than the cause is not who you want leading your football team.

Seeing the antics and shenanigans brought about by Urban Meyer has us being extremely thankful for someone who is the antithesis of Urban Meyer: Sam Pittman.

Pittman puts his players first. He’s humble, he’s generous, offers up constant praise of his players and opposing players. He’s basically the Ted Lasso of college football, which we’ve written about before. He’s everything that Urban Meyer is not.

And the players pick-up on that and embrace it. Everything starts with the coach.