Arkansas Basketball: How far will Hogs drop in the rankings after loss?

Devo Davis, Arkansas Basketball (Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports)
Devo Davis, Arkansas Basketball (Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports) /
Arkansas Basketball
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The Arkansas Basketball team suffered it’s first loss of the season when they were upset by an unranked Oklahoma Sooners team Dec. 11.

The Hogs had a very difficult time shooting the ball and had a hard time defending the three point shot. We’ve got a full rundown of the game, available: here.

Now, we’re taking a look at where the Razorbacks might land in the next batch of the AP Top 25 rankings.

Where will the Arkansas Basketball team be ranked after their loss to Oklahoma?

To get an idea of where the Hogs might fall when the new rankings are released next week, we need to glance at how some of the teams ranked below them fared.

The Razorbacks, ranked No. 12 prior to the loss against the Sooners, will undoubtedly drop in the rankings.

The team already dropped two spots without losing a game last week, which was absurd. It shows the AP voters had no confidence in the Hogs.

Several college basketball experts went as far to say they had a “joke of a non-conference slate.” In other words, the Hogs have not had a serious test yet this season and as a result, our ranking was inflated.

The Hogs can only control what they do, not what other teams do. They have taken care of business and won games against lesser teams, even when other SEC teams did not.

Regardless, the voters will likely drop the Hogs down pretty far down the Top 25. There have only been a couple of losses to teams ranked under Arkansas.

No. 22 Wisconsin lost 55-83 to No. 21 Ohio State. No. 24 BYU lost to Creighton 71-83. Those two teams may drop out of the Top 25, creating a space for Arkansas to land when the new rankings come out.

Expect the Razorbacks to be ranked somewhere in the bottom of the Top 25 when the new rankings are revealed next week.

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The Razorbacks will next play Hofstra Dec. 18 at Simmons Bank Arena in a neutral-site game at North Little Rock, Arkansas.