Arkansas Basketball: 3 takeaways from loss to unranked Oklahoma Sooners in which Muss was ejected

Eric Musselman, Arkansas Basketball coach (Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports)
Eric Musselman, Arkansas Basketball coach (Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Arkansas Basketball
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The Arkansas Basketball team went minutes at a time without scoring

It’s really hard to win a basketball game when you have multiple stretches of a game without scoring a basket, which is exactly what happened to the Razorbacks today.

Once the game tipped-off, the Hogs went nearly five minutes without scoring a basket. The score was 0-13 in favor of Oklahoma at the 15:32 mark in the first half.

The Razorbacks had another stretch where they did not score a single point. From 19:41 to 16:26 in the second half, the Hogs couldn’t get anything to fall.

The final nail in the coffin was at the 9:02 mark left in the game. Arkansas went until the 3:02 mark before scoring again. You cannot go six minutes in a game against a Power Five opponent without scoring.

Totaling it up, nearly 14 minutes of the game was spent with the Razorbacks scoring zero points. That just cannot happen and you expect to win the game.