Arkansas Football: Should Treylon Burks play in the Razorbacks’ Bowl Game?

Sam Pittman and Treylon Burks, Arkansas Football (Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports)
Sam Pittman and Treylon Burks, Arkansas Football (Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Arkansas Football
Treylon Burks, Arkansas Football (Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Arkansas football team has completed the 2021 regular season and will now get an opportunity to compete in a bowl game for the first time in half-a-decade.

Before we find out which Bowl Game the Hogs will be getting an invite to, we are starting to ask ourselves if superstar wide receiver Treylon Burks will opt-out of playing in the bowl game or if he will put on that Razorback uniform one more time?

For those just tuning in, Burks has a not-so hard decision to make about his future as a Razorback. He has one more year of eligibility to play for the Hogs, but he is a surefire bet to be selected in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft and earn a life-changing amount of money.

Arkansas football player Treylon Burks has a tough decision to make about the Hogs’ upcoming Bowl Game

If he played another season with the Hogs, his productivity could drop drastically or he could get injured and watch his earning potential evaporate by the millions.

Yes, the new NIL rules allow Burks to cash in on his name, fame and likeness as a college player, but he won’t be able to recoup anywhere near the value of an NFL contract.

So, he’s got a real decision to make in the next week or two, should he play or should he opt-out of the Hogs Bowl Game?

We’ve laid out reasoning for Burks to sit out of the game and a reasons for him to play.