Arkansas football: The Hogs burned Alabama on this wild trick play

Treylon Burks, Arkansas football (Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports)
Treylon Burks, Arkansas football (Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports) /
Arkansas football
Dominique Johnson, Arkansas football (Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Arkansas football is giving No. 2 Alabama a run for their money in this SEC-West cash.

The team is having to get creative against the talent-rich Tide.

Hogs Offensive Coordinator Kendal Briles and Head Coach Sam Pittman drew up a little trickery to get a little closer to evening the score.

Arkansas football burned Alabama with a gutsy trick play

Freshman kicker Cam Little lined up for a field goal with Reid Bauer ready to hold the snap with 11:33 left in the ball game and the Hogs down 21-34.

The ball was snapped to Bauer and a couple of Razorbacks skirted free past the line of scrimmage.

Bauer stood up with the ball to a streaking Blake Kern, jumped up to pass the ball and nailed it.

The senior tight end ran into the end zone for his second score of the season and his career fourth receiving touchdown.

The 32-yard pass, along with KJ Jefferson’s 250+ passing yards gave the Tide defense a few scares throughout the game.

Wide Receiver Treylon Burks also had a big day, pulling in two touchdown passes for more than 170 yards gained.

Ultimately, the Nick Saban-led team were able to recover and extend their lead sightly.

It’s not every day a team is able to pull the wool over the Alabama football team’s eyes, so it’s worth noting the Hogs were able to pull off the trick play.

In the end, Arkasas succumbed to the Tide, 35-42. It was the second-most points anyone has scored against the Tide this season.

The team that scored the most? Texas A&M scored 41 and became the only team to beat the Tide this season.

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Next up for the Hogs, is the season finale against the Missouri Tigers Nov. 26 at 2:30 PM CT on CBS.