Arkansas football: 3 takeaways from first win against LSU in half-decade

KJ Jefferson, Arkansas football (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
KJ Jefferson, Arkansas football (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
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No. 2 Special teams proved to be the Hogs’ ace-in-the-hole

The Arkansas Razorbacks’ special teams unit was spectacular in the game against LSU. Freshman kicker Cam Little went viral last week for his show of sportsmanship to the Mississippi State kicker and went viral again this week for the clutch, game-winning field goal he nailed in overtime.

The freshman field goal kicker finished with 10 points for just the third time this season, going 3/3 on field goals and successfully kicking the point after a touchdown.

Earlier in the game, holder Reid Bauer had his own moment in the spotlight. The Hogs lined up for a field goal attempt at the LSU 36 yard line late in the third period with the game tied.

Instead of kicking it, Pittman called for a fake field goal which had Bauer carrying the ball for a near 25-yard gain. It led to the Hogs setting up a much closer field goal attempt, which Little nailed.

It was a fantastic day for the special teams, indeed.