Arkansas football: 3 reasons why the Hogs don’t fear the Air Raid

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The Arkansas football team is confident heading into the game this week against Mississippi State.

Bulldogs Head Coach Mike Leach lives and dies by the ‘Air Raid’ offense—a style of offense that is extremely heavy on the pass attack.

Fortunately for the Hogs, the team has enjoyed a week off and will be ready for the home game against Leach and company.

Will the Arkansas football team be able to dissect the Air Raid offense?

The Arkansas Razorbacks are 5-3 coming into the game after a week’s worth of rest and a confidence-boosting win against UAPB.

The Hogs have a lot to prove in the final portion of their schedule and you should expect them to get off to a good start with a good showing against the Bulldogs.

Here are three reasons why the Hogs will be able to get the job done and quash the air raid offense.

Reason No. 1: Barry Odom is like kryptonite to the Air Raid

It was just over a year ago when Mike Leach came to the SEC and brought his well-known Air Raid offense to Starkville.

Razorbacks Defensive Coordinator Barry Odom is a big reason why Arkansas was able to subdue the high-scoring, high-octane, highly-touted offense.

He typically only rushed three and had the remaining eight players on defense drop back into a zone. It’s ok to allow short yardage gains, but don’t give up huge chunks of offense at a time.

The Hogs have a great pass defense this season, allowing just 167.5 pass yards per game. They have the successful blueprint, now they just need to execute.

The Razorbacks will be more confident than ever heading into Odom vs Leach II.