Arkansas football: Where does Treylon Burks rank among the greatest wide receivers in Razorback history?

Treylon Burks, Arkansas football (Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports)
Treylon Burks, Arkansas football (Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Arkansas football team has enjoyed the play of several elite wide receivers, especially in the past 20 years since the passing game has become much more of a focal point during games.

The Razorbacks have been fortunate enough to see some supreme talent over the years, with many players going on to have careers in the NFL.

With the phenomenal play from Treylon Burks, it got us thinking: where does the junior wide out from Warren, Ark. rank among the greatest receivers in Arkansas football history?

Who are the all-time greatest wide receivers in Arkansas football history?

The Razorbacks aren’t necessarily considered as a “Wide Receiver U,” but the team has produced a ton of excellent wide outs over the years.

There are dozens of receivers that could be argued are some of the greatest to ever don the red and white Razorback uniforms, but these are the 5 best for now.

No 5. Marcus Monk (2004-2007)

One of the most exciting wide receivers in Arkansas football history accomplished something that no other Razorback has been able to do— catch more touchdown passes in his career than anyone else.

Monk continues to hold the record with 27 touchdown receptions in his Razorback career. He also holds spot number two in the rankings for most touchdown catches in a single season (11).

During his career with the Hogs, Monk caught 138 passes, totaling 2,151 yards. For those not wanting to check the math, that’s an average of 15.6 yards per catch—an absurd number.

For those who may not remember, Monk was an incredible athlete, competing for both the Arkansas basketball team and the Arkansas football teams as a rare two-sport athlete.

He played two seasons for the basketball team and enjoyed career averages of 11.8 minutes played per game, 2.6 points and 2.4 rebounds per game.

Monk went on to be drafted 248th overall by the Chicago Bears in the 2008 NFL Draft.