Arkansas Football: What David Pollack of ESPN College GameDay said about the Razorbacks this week

David Pollack of ESPN’s College GameDay on set in Tuscaloosa ahead of the Alabama, LSU game.College Gameday
David Pollack of ESPN’s College GameDay on set in Tuscaloosa ahead of the Alabama, LSU game.College Gameday /

ESPN College GameDay is in Athens this week for the Arkansas football game

David Pollack, a former UGA standout, has been a staple of ESPN’s College GameDay for years now. He was a great college football player and gives good insight for the viewers tuning in to the show. He used his expertise to chime in about the Arkansas football game, a team he played against twice in his career at Georgia (2002-2004).

Pollack appeared on the Oct. 1 edition of ESPN’s flagship morning drive talk radio show, Keyshawn, JWill & Max, to discuss the Georgia vs Arkansas game. He did his best to keep his bias out of his analysis, despite having obvious deep ties to his alma mater.

David Pollack on Arkansas Head Coach Sam Pittman and what he means to the Arkansas football program

“Sam Pittman’s beloved. If you know his story, he’s one of the cooler cats. Arkansas is not a Top 10 or Top 15 job in the country— no one thinks that way. But it was to Sam Pittman,” Pollack said on the radio show.

“That’s home for him,” Pollack said of Pittman’s love for Arkansas. “He had a picture on his laptop and his picture was his lot where he was going to build his lake house where he was going to retire in Arkansas. He’s an Arkansas guy through and through— there’s no better story in college football,” Pollack said.

“He’s got that great big personality and smile. It’s fun to see him succeed. He wants to be there and he wants Arkansas to be great.”

David Pollack on whether or not he thinks a team like Arkansas can upset Georgia

“I think it can— I think their brand of football can,” Pollack said later in his appearance on Keyshawn, JWill & Max.

“Big week last week… they hadn’t beat [Texas A&M] in nine tries. Top 10 team, really physical game. And now, you gotta do it again,” he said of the game against Georgia.

David Pollack sarcastically dissed Georgia’s most recent opponent, Vanderbilt, by calling them a high school team.

“I don’t know if y’all watched Georgia, but they had a scrimmage last week against the local high school team. It was over by the end of the first quarter— it was 62-0,” Pollack said slyly.

“[Georgia is] sitting in a good spot being well rested, being extremely healthy. So it’s not a great spot from that standpoint for Arkansas. Arkansas, they better be able to throw the football,” the College GameDay personality said.

“They showed spurts of that last week before KJ Jefferson got hurt. Once he got dinged up a bit, it went to crap quick. If they get in 3rd-and-long situations, its not going to be good for them,” Pollack said.

“It’s a tough spot for Arkansas to be in, but they’re going to have to make plays in the passing game and that’s not their strength,” Pollack said, finishing his breakdown.

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