Arkansas Razorback Football: Why has Rakeem Boyd not played well this season?

The Arkansas Razorbacks have played wonderful so far this season, but star Running Back Rakeem Boyd has not.

The Arkansas Razorbacks are known in many ways for the good running backs they produce. Names like Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, Alex Collins, and a couple more, were all elite in college for the hogs. Many people have thought Rakeem Boyd would enter into that conversation coming into his senior year. However, he has not looked as elite as we are used to.

Boyd’s Previous Seasons

Rakeem Boyd has had a good couple of years at Arkansas so far. In his Sophomore year, Rakeem finished with 734 rushing yards and two touchdowns, while also getting six yards per carry. Last season in Boyd’s junior year, he put the SEC on notice. Boyd racked up 1,133 yards and scored eight touchdowns on six yards per carry. He showed an explosiveness and quickness that was vital to the offense Arkansas did have. Even with a bad offensive line and a bad offense, Boyd managed to have a great season.

Rakeem So Far This Season

In week one, The Razorbacks played the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia has one of the best defenses in college football, and they showed it against the hogs. Rakeem Boyd had 11 attempts for just 21 yards. Most people didn’t overreact to his performance in week one due to the opposing defense, and rightfully so. A defense like the one Georgia has, can potentially shut anyone down. In week two, the hogs played Mississippi State, a team who was not known for their rushing defense. Boyd left the game early due to an injury, but finished with eight attempts for 28 yards. Maybe Boyd was going to get things going had he not gotten injured, but he did. Rakeem missed week three against Auburn due to the injury from the previous week. However Rakeem did play in week four against Ole Miss. Ole Miss has a terrible defense this year, so if there was ever a time to have a breakout game, it was then. Boyd would finish that game with 14 rushes for 39 yards and a goal line touchdown.

So What Is It With Boyd This Season?

Is Rakeem Boyd still injured? That is a question that fans have asked a lot so far this season. Its a question that could very well be true. Rakeem has not gotten as many attempts as he usually does, but could that be because of how well Trelon Smith has played? Another question hog fans need answers too. I think the best way to find out will be October 31st against Texas A&M. The hogs have a bye this week, and could use this time to get healthy and in shape.