Arkansas Football: Lane Kiffin Frenzy Getting Heated

The Arkansas Football coaching search has remained a whirlwind of madness with fans rabidly putting Lane Kiffin as the center of it all.

The road to a find an Arkansas Football coach has been fraught with incredibly intense emotional swings and frantic reactions to news of any kind. Elite trolling has come from all places including players, former players, athletic director Hunter Yurachek, and oddly enough even John Daly.

It is only fitting that a master of trolling and head coach Lane Kiffin is the holy grail for much of Razorback Nation. Even as I write this, Lane Kiffin is trolling fans on a radio show in South Florida.

As of today coach Leach has been scratched off of Hunter Yurachek’s list, which leaves Lane as the remainder of the circulated three. This would have been exceptional had Ole Miss not fired their head coach and are presently in the hunt for Kiffin along with Arkansas.

Both rabid fanbases are allegedly hearing “sources reported” rumors which lead to thinking that they are going to have coach Kiffin on their sideline next season. Arkansas, however, might possess more data than rumors to look at to support their high hopes.

To start with, this interview on the Rich Eisen Show has Michael Lombardi describing a specific account of Kiffin wanting the job at Arkansas years ago.

Lane’s father, Monte Kiffin, is a legendary defensive coordinator who occupied this position at Arkansas from 1977 to 1979. He was additionally the assistant head coach in the 1979 season.

As I talked about in this article, Hunter Yurachek could need to overcome more than just other schools to get this hire. The Board of Trustees dynamic is overwhelmingly a polarizing topic of discussion since the Chad Morris hire and has been a worry for many during the search.

According to Mike Irwin, Kiffin is believed to say yes if/when he is offered. Of relative importance, Hunter will be allowed to hire him if that is his top choice.

Of course, the situation remains very fluid. Kiffin’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, pretty much guarantees there will be some drama in the hire.

As we have seen in this hiring process, something could happen in the next 10 minutes and the outcome of this is still very uncertain. Things could start getting even crazier with Ole Miss entering the picture and Yarachek free to do what he needs to do.