Mike Anderson Makes A Big Statement

Arkansas basketball coach, Mike Anderson told fans to get ready to win a national championship during an awards banquet.

I said yesterday in an article that Mike Anderson had some interesting things to say but none quite as big as this. At one point he told the audience that Arkansas fans needed to get ready to win a national championship.

To my knowledge, Anderson has never said anything like this while he has been a coach. I could be wrong but if this is the first time he’s said that, it brings a bit more of weight to the statement.

Arkansas fans are riding a high right now after this past Razorback hoops season. For the first time in many years, Hog fans felt something that had seemed unattainable. Hope.

This hope came from Mike Anderson and what he did to put the fight back in the program again. Now, it seems, Anderson is riding that same wave of hope the fans are on and he is envisioning big things.

Things that he has been a part of here at Arkansas and knows what it takes to achieve. Razorback fans who haven’t lived through the golden age of Arkansas basketball probably don’t fully grasp what the fans were like during that time but I believe soon you could see it again.

Coach Anderson believes in his team like all coaches do, or at least like all coaches pretend to do. That being said, I think after seeing fans really get behind him this past season, I can’t help but think maybe now he really believes in himself.

Arkansas may not win a national championship anytime soon or even ever, however, where we are heading is a very exciting place. Even more exciting is when we have a coach that is leading us on the path to greatness that shares the same vision we have as to what Razorback basketball should be.