These Kentucky Fan Videos Can Cheer Up Any Arkansas Fan

For any fan of Arkansas Razorbacks basketball, anytime Kentucky loses, especially in the NCAA Tournament, its a great day. These videos are just the icing on the cake.

It’s no secret Arkansas Razorbacks basketball fans hate Kentucky. We are not alone in this but our history with the Wildcats makes it a bit different from all the other schools.

When Kentucky loses fans of pretty much every other team rejoices. When it’s a loss in the NCAA Tournament, however, those fans almost cry with joy.

The Wildcats losing is always great but what makes a tournament loss even better? Watching videos of their fans getting absolutely crushed emotionally.

During their game in the Elite Eight, Kentucky faced North Carolina. The same North Carolina team that knocked the Razorbacks out of the tournament in the second round.

The final seconds of the game between the Heels and the Cats were crazy. Malik Monk made a three-pointer to give the Wildcats a tie and Big Blue Nation thought they had a chance to go to overtime or even win.

That was when Tar Heel’s Luke Maye made a shot with .3 seconds on the clock to advance to the Final Four. In that moment, Big Blue Nation went from so excited to so so let down.

So with the Tar Heels ending the Hog’s chances at a tournament run, you would think logically we’d be against them, right? Wrong. The disgust for Kentucky means more to most of us than seeing North Carolina lose. Woo pig and thanks to the Tar Heels.