Razorbacks Football: 2017 Signees That Play In Year One

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So that may have been a quote from General Patton and not Jeremy Patton but it still applies. Firstly let’s acknowledge that Patton is ranked as the best tight end in the 2017 class and 9th ranked JuCo by ESPN. That’s pretty sweet.

Patton has 2 years of eligibility so if he expects to find his way to the NFL, he needs to come out and do big things quickly, so I am looking for him to make a big impression on the coaches this spring. By fall, I expect him to be in the regular lineup.

He is a giant tight end (6-6, 230 lbs) that runs a 4.59 40 yard dash. I forsee a Jeremy Sprinkle version 2.0 or maybe even better. Patton runs great routes and has an exceptional ability to break coverage to get open.

It’s what he does after he gets open that is what is more like another Arkansas tight end. Hunter Henry. WHOA! Before you start tweeting me @ChrisJacksonWPS with your “how could you say that” tweets, hear me out.

Hunter could get open. Hunter NEVER dropped a pass his final year. Patton has hands that are just as clutch. I don’t know if you remember this, though, Hunter used to have a bit of trouble blocking. There’s a difference with Patton in that he is a nasty blocker.

In this one bit of film, I think I am on pancake block three. I don’t know honestly but I can tell you he looks good in his blocks. I think overall, he is a spectacular player that will have no trouble finding his way into the mix this coming season