Razorbacks Football: 2017 Signees That Play In Year One

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Chevin was the best player hands down that Arkansas landed on National Signing Day. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s check in with Bielema and company when Calloway made his announcement.

I have to say, my reaction was about the same. Chevin gives Arkansas’ secondary some much-needed speed. He may only be 5-10 but Calloway is more than athletic enough to go up and get it. If I had to make one pick on defense from the 2017 Class to bet on whether they start or not, I’d put my money on Chevin. He’s playing.

Chevin is another one that Arkansas stole from Bama. Not only did Arkansas land him over the Tide, but over 20 other premier schools as well as several other schools from lesser leagues than a power 5. We actually landed him over Alabama AND Texas so that’s a double win in my book (Horns down).

Chevin does everything right. The cornerback sticks to the receivers like glue and takes great angles like the other two guys on my list but unlike them, he does have the 4.4 speed. Defensively he’s the number one player I am looking forward to seeing and the number one on my defensive countdown.


Now that we’ve got the defense problems figured out, let’s flip to the other side of the ball. The offense wasn’t the worst of the problems last year but it was in no way the savior of the team. Arkansas struggled mightily.

The biggest problem with the team last season was the offensive line, but that was a lack of experience. The biggest spot Arkansas needs help with after last season is at the wide receiver spot. After losing a good majority of their weapons it was a must the Razorbacks reloaded, which is exactly what Bret Bielema did.