Razorbacks Football: 2017 Signees That Play In Year One

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McClellion may not be the four or five-star Alabama prototypical cornerback but he’s still a stud. Jarques is the 92nd ranked cornerback in the country and the 115th player in the state of Florida.

On film, Jarques looks like a video game glitch. What I mean by that is he covers his receiver so tight that he looks like he’s got cheat codes enabled. His coverage is great.

He is pretty quick, running a 4.55 in the 40. He may not be blazing but he is fast enough to be able to make a pass breakup or a pick if he is within range to get there. What’s the next best thing if he doesn’t get a chance to get hands on the ball?

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Get a shoulder into the receiver and wrap up of course. I see a lot of people on twitter think this is easy but it’s not as simple as you think. Firstly, you have to be able to take good angles to get to the ball carrier. Jarques is really good at taking the best angles, something that even the best on Arkansas’ team last year struggled with.

His speed, although it isn’t on the level with the Flash or anything, is still useful in stopping the run as well. In his film, he seems to be good at reading an offense and sniffing out the run, which is great for the Hogs because, well Auburn.

With his ability to read the play as a run, he is fast enough to respond and get control over gaps which will help Arkansas out tremendously. I think he needs a bit of work but that’s what the spring and fall are for right? I feel pretty confident that if he has a good camp, you’re gonna see him this coming season.