Razorbacks Football: 2017 Signees That Play In Year One

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Now that we have a look at the 2017 Arkansas Razorbacks football class, we can play a little game of predictions.

The Arkansas Razorbacks football team next year is going to be very different after this 2017 class. Does that mean that this entire class gets playing time in year one? Of course not but the ones who do get time on the field will be game changers.

I am taking a look at this class and seeing who are the most likely newcomers to see game time in their first year from this class. I’ll be selecting the three most likely to play players on each side of the ball.

How am I selecting these six players, you ask? Well, first I am looking at the needs Arkansas has right now. That’s one specific group on offense and one on defense.

Secondly, I watched some of their film, which you can find over here and I looked to see who I think is ready right now or could be after spring ball to find playing time. Thirdly, and most importantly, I’m pretty much making semi-educated predictions.


So let’s start things off with where Arkansas struggled the most, defense. Ask any casual Razorback fan out there and they will tell you that Arkansas needed help in the secondary badly. It’s no secret.

So obviously the three players I am looking at from this class on the defensive side of the ball are gonna be helping out in this area. I believe that two of them could start and one of them will get some playing time in the rotation at some point in the year