Drew Morgan, Jeremy Sprinkle Release Statements

A day after the Belk Bowl, Drew Morgan and Jeremy Sprinkle give apologetic statements on their recent uncharacteristic actions.

Yesterday’s Belk Bowl was a total meltdown but Jeremy Sprinkle and Drew Morgan had meltdowns of their own. Sprinkle’s actions actually got him suspended prior to kickoff for the Belk Bowl.

Both of the young men are seniors on the Razorback team which makes this the last performance of their collegiate careers. I’m sure this isn’t what they had in mind for their grand finale.

Prior to the Belk Bowl, the team was given a $450 dollar gift card and a shopping spree to Belk. During this, Jeremy Sprinkle made a choice that could change his life entirely. Sprinkle attempted to steal eight items and was caught.

Morgan played in the game, but during the last quarter made a poor decision that got him ejected. After having an off-camera altercation with a Virginia Tech player, Morgan spit in his face. Fans were left wondering what had happened until Bielema gave the reason in his post-game interview.

Twenty-four hours later, the two Razorbacks released statements via twitter in which they apologized for their actions. Below are the tweets given by the two players.

You wouldn’t expect either of these guys to have to make this kind of apology. The two seniors had been great players and leaders for the Razorback football team so most of us were in total disbelief when Sprinkle was suspended and Morgan was ejected. Both of them could be looking at possible career impacts heading into the NFL. Sprinkle was one of the top tight ends in this class, so this could really affect his career. Morgan may not have been a speedster or flashy but he has scouts looking at him and teams that would take his style of play.

How much this changes their future remains to be seen, but as for what they have done here in Arkansas, their legacies are already forever set in stone. These guys made one mistake each and shouldn’t be demonized for such. I hope they learn from this and move on to much better things that are bigger than their mistakes. Woo pig.