[UPDATE] Arkansas Women’s Basketball Protests National Anthem

Thursday night before the Arkansas women’s basketball game, some of the team decided to protest by kneeling during the national anthem.

This has been the year of athletes using their platform to protest civil issues in our country. It was started during the NFL preseason games by San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

Many have attributed the loss in NFL ratings this year to the protests. As soon as he did it twitter began to explode. Some supporting but many calling for him to be punished by the league.

The University of Missouri was one of the first protests by student-athletes last year. During which, they boycotted the playing until a list of demands was met by the university which included the removal of the University president.

During that time many in the SEC were calling for the removal of Missouri from the SEC for allowing this. Others joined in the protests on campus. Missouri remains in the SEC and still has protesters to this day.

Thursday night was no different. As soon as Razorback Nation tweeted out that it had happened, the reactions started coming in. Razorback Nation soon posted a video of the protest after their initial announcement.


Shortly after the game, U of A athletic director, Jeff Long released this statement.

The protests are meant to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement, that is currently protesting police brutality towards the African American community. We will keep you updated on any responses from head coach Jimmy Dykes and athletic director Jeff Long. Woo Pig.