If you had 20 dollars to build the best Arkansas football team of all time, who would you pick?


Hog fans, let’s have some fun. Let’s play a fantasy game where all you needed was 20 dollars to totally create the best Arkansas football team of all time!

The game is simple. With 20 dollars, you have the goal to create the greatest Arkansas football team ever with some of the greatest players (and units) of all time (or well, since Arkansas entered the SEC. Simple is better!)

There are a lot of options at a lot of positions, particularly at running back and tight end. You have to be frugal, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to cash out with a championship caliber team. Here are your options!

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Above is what you are playing with. I made the player values based on performance and stats, as well as what the players (or coaches) accomplished in their time on the Hill. So, for example, does that mean I think Houston Nutt is a better coach than Bret Bielema? Nope! It’s just that Nutt has accomplished more during his time at Arkansas at this point than Bret. I also did unit’s for RB’s and WR’s. This was because there was not going to be much separation at either position when it came to value for each individual player as Arkansas has had it’s fair share of studs at post spots since 1992, especially at running back.

If I had to pick my team would have to look something like this:

QB-Clint Stoerner $2

RB-2006 RB Unit $5

WR-1999 WR Unit $4

TE-Jeremy Sprinkle $1

K-Todd Wright $2

Def-2014 Defense $2

Coach-  Bobby Petrino $4

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My Arkansas football team would have all the studs offensive genius Bobby Petrino would need to keep his offense a total juggernaut plus he’d be given the 10th best defense in terms of points allowed in the country in 2014. Who is going to beat that?

So who is your best Arkansas football team? Post it in the comment’s below and share with all your friends to see who they can come up with. Let the debating begin!