2016 Arkansas Spring Game Highlights (VIDEO)


The 2016 Arkansas Spring Game is in the books, and it was just what Hog fans needed going into this final stretch before football season. Spring games are never the most exciting affairs, but they do give the team a game speed practice, and it gives fans more fuel for their arguments of who should be starting and why.

Perfect weather and a feisty defense are the best ways to describe yesterday’s spring game for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Neither offense was truly able to mesh, but both units showed flashes of promise for the upcoming season. There were a lot of green jerseys on the field, but that’s because Bret Bielema is being over-cautious this spring after last year’s devastating injuries.

We’be put together a nice little highlight reel of some of the best moments of the spring game, including the only touchdown pass on the day, which was thrown by none other than Ricky Town. Austin Allen showed off a strong arm, Rafe Peavey demonstrated his athleticism, and the defense looked overall dominant.

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What was your favorite moment of the spring game? For me, it was just seeing football on my TV again, even if it was for just a few fleeting moments. There were some big plays made my freshmen, and some near-big-plays that will (hopefully) be more polished heading into the season.

Overall, the spring game has Arkansas Razorbacks fans excited for 2016, which is exactly what it is supposed to do. Woo Pig!