Arkansas Razorbacks Join Forces with Cracker Barrel in a Perfect Union


The Arkansas Razorbacks have released their new “Fan Shirt”. It has the “Uncommon” logo on the front, and a picture of a Razorback helmet with Bret Bielema reflected in the chrome and cardinal on the back of the shirt. You can get the shirt at the Hog Heaven store and also at Cracker Barrel, because of course you can.

I love the Arkansas Razorbacks. I love Cracker Barrel. Two of the great loves in my life have joined forces in a revolution of fandom the likes of which have never been seen. I don’t know how many times I’ve worked my way through a third bowl of free biscuits and jelly at my local Cracker Barrel, only to find myself wishing my shirt was bigger.

PROBLEM SOLVED, MY FRIENDS. Did you overdo it on the dumplings and friend chicken? Do you need a bigger shirt, or at least one that’s not covered in syrup? (Because they serve breakfast all day at Cracker Barrel because they’re the best.) Well just stop on by the Old Country Store on your way out and grab the new official Arkansas Razorbacks fan shirt.

All joking aside, you can get the new shirts exclusively at Cracker Barrel or at the Hog Heaven store on campus. Chances are, the shirt is cheaper at Cracker Barrel. So when you’re making your way to NWA this weekend to catch the spring game, why not stop by the Old Country Store, grab yourself a Hogs shirt, one of those parrots that repeat everything you say to it back to you at a higher pitch, and some Duck Dynasty lip balm for the road.

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That’s right, ladies. Don’t you want a man who’s lips taste of unsweetened tea, duck calls, and a decades worth of mustache crumbs? That’s 10 Thanksgivings, ya’ll!