On Tap This Week: Hogs On The Road and Valentines Day from the SEC

Feb 3, 2016; Gainesville, FL, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Mike Anderson reacts in the first half against the Florida Gators at Stephen C. O
Feb 3, 2016; Gainesville, FL, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Mike Anderson reacts in the first half against the Florida Gators at Stephen C. O /

Well Hog Fans we have found ourselves diving head first into February. You know, that month where you either are sad you have to spend Valentines Day alone, or you are driving yourself crazy racking your brain on what you should do for that certain someone. Either way it is stressful.

To add to our February woes, the Razorback Men’s Basketball team is on the road this week making visits to both Mississippi schools. When will someone pony up and buy Mike Anderson some AAA, that guy has needed more roadside assistance in his time here than an El Camino filled with melted heart-boxed candy from the faulty AC unit.

Not that the schools in the state of Mississippi is particularly gifted on the basketball court, or gifted in anything really. In fact we should have a state holiday in Arkansas dedicated to Mississippi. Year in and year out it is the one state that we can beat in practically everything. Obesity, yeah we are a few pounds lighter. Education, we usually guess at least one more test question correct than they do. The jury is still out on meth labs per capita though. When it comes to sports we usually have their number as well. Too bad, this is a road trip, and Mike with his court hogs almost always forget to pack their mojo for road trips.

In light of the love in the air (is that love, or all the Chipotle I’ve been eating?) and how mad I am sure we will be by the basketball team on the road (Hey I hope I am wrong). Let’s switch gears and take a look at some Valentines day correspondence we “intercepted” from the SEC mail truck.

1. Letter from Bret Bielema to The Catfish Hole

Dear Catfish Hole,

I know I saw you today, but I had to write you. I was just sitting here watching  “How to Dab” for when I draw a flag on Saban again next year, when I ran out of your delicious hush puppies. WHAT do you put in those?! I love stuffing my catfish hole with them, if you know what I mean(Mouth, what else could it be?). Do you think you could open a little early tomorrow so I can stop in and see you? I think Jen is starting to get suspicious so I can’t take you home anymore.


Your Bertie

2.  Valentine card sent by Kirby Smart to Nick Saban

Hello /

3. Mike Anderson to Bobby Portis

baby come back
baby come back /

4. Hugh Freeze to his new signing class


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So as you can see, these coaches took time out of their busy lives to let the ones they care about know how they feel. As busy as these guys are I am sure you can take some time out to let your special someone know how you feel by going out and spending some money. If you don’t have a special someone, get on Tinder and start swiping.

XOXO and as always

Hog Bless