Brandon Burlsworth film “Greater” will be Released this Summer


The film “Greater”, which chronicles the life of Arkansas Razorback legend Brandon Burlsworth, was originally set to be released into select theaters in January. However, the film has begin to receive national attention and interest, prompting the film’s distributors to push the release back into summer 2016.

The Brandon Burlsworth movie was originally going to be released this month, in a small number of screens across the state of Arkansas and in select cities. Much like the film’s central character, the movie has already performed much better than anticipated.

There are enough people around the country that want to see the movie that the release for “Greater” has been pushed back into the summer. This will give the film’s producers enough time to get the movie to more screens across the nation.

The movie, with a run time of just over 2 hours, has some familiar faces in it. Notably, Neal Mconough (Band of Brothers, Justified, Walking Tall), Michael Parks (Kill Bill 1 & 2, Django Unchained, Red State), and Nick Searcy (Justified, Castaway, Moneyball).

While you may recognize the people in supporting roles, the role of Brandon Burlsworth went to a relative unknown named Christopher Severio. A Louisiana native, Serverio may not have been acting for very long, but one look at the trailer shows he knows how to look the part. Severio looks amazingly similar to Burlsworth in uniform, a look that is completed with the addition of Brandon’s iconic black rimmed glasses.

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There is not an official release date this summer for “Greater”, but fans across Arkansas, and the nation, are getting more and more excited for the film. The Brandon Burlsworth story should translate well to the screen, and the movie will also help to solidify his legacy as a legend. Not just in Arkansas, but in all of college football.

Woo Pig.