Top 10 Plays of the Arkansas Razorback 2015 Football Season

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#4: Hunter Henry’s Pair of TDs vs Mississippi State

Besides the Alabama play at #10, these are the only other plays in the list that are from a Razorback loss. But a loss is almost an understatement, because the Mississippi State game was just gut wrenching. This may have been one of the most disappointing losses in the Bielema era. Our offense was so in sync and our defense was so out of sync that it made me want to punch something. There was also the fact that Mississippi State gives us close losses every year and that makes me want to also punch something.

I can’t focus on the bad stuff though. After all, a top 10 list should be all about the good. So I’ll digress, and begin to focus on the wonder that is Hunter Henry.

Henry led the team in receiving, having 7 catches for 129 yards and two touchdowns. Those two touchdowns are paired up for our #4. In a game that was full of momentum swings, every touchdown was key. 101 points were scored throughout the entire game, and just about every one of them were scored off of fantastic plays. The first one that Henry had came off of a hail mary, flick of the wrist type throw from Brandon Allen that landed in the hands of Henry 39 yards down the field. One thing that I love about Henry is that when you throw it to him, he’s not going to drop it.

That philosophy carried over into his next touchdown greatly. Brandon Allen completed a 18 yard touchdown pass to Henry on what was probably Hunter’s best catch of the season, and the most clutch. To even stay in this game and make the comeback we did, our offense needed to be clicking. They were with the help of Hunter Henry and his great playmaking ability.

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