Top 10 Plays of the Arkansas Razorback 2015 Football Season

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#8: Dominique Reed TD vs UT Martin

Now we go from UTEP to the second easiest game for the Hogs in 2015, the matchup against UT Martin. The Hogs came into this game, simply, on a hot streak. After the bye week, Arkansas came into Fayetteville and pulled out a 4 OT win over Auburn (the second most exciting overtime game of the year). We’ll get into that game later, but just know now that this propelled our Razorbacks into high gear. Although we were the favorite by a large margin, fans like me were ready to be safe rather than sorry (thanks, Toledo).

But everything turned out fine, as the Hogs rolled over the Skyhawks 63-28, putting up their most points of the season. Alex Collins was the player of the game, having 16 carries for 173 yards and a career high 5 touchdowns. One of his runs that almost made the cut for the top 10 was a 63 yarder to the house. Brandon Allen had a nice day as well, even though not much work needed to be done out of him. But when BA was called on, he gave his all. He went 14/19 with 265 yards and 2 touchdowns. One of his touchdowns just so happened to make it on this list.

Our #8 play is the second touchdown we have from Dominique Speed. This one involves a speed/power combo to reach the endzone. The speed from Dominique and the power from Brandon Allen. I might go ahead and give Brandon the credit on this throw, because this was one of his more impressive throws on the year. It may have not been clutch or in a game that meant a whole lot, but it was pretty darn cool.

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