Top 10 Plays of the Arkansas Razorback 2015 Football Season

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It’s okay, I feel the sadness too. I know just how close we are to the last game of the 2015 season. We can get through it together.

On the bright side, though, we still have ONE MORE GAME. Which means we have another 60 minutes of calling the Hogs and (hopefully) beating Kansas State’s toosh. Until then, we’re going to have to do some serious mental prep. What better way for serious mental prep than reflecting on the season thus far?

When it comes to the Razorbacks’ 2015 season, there are plenty of mixed emotions. The emotional ride was so intense that it was almost confusing. I mean, we were beating Ole Miss and LSU but losing to Toledo. When you let that swirl around in your head, a whole lot of crazy ensues. Kind of like…

Yeah, kind of like that. But just because a good portion of the season was crazy, that doesn’t mean it was necessarily a “bad” crazy. Even though us Hog fans tend to remember those bad moments, there were definitely a lot of good moments that went along with them.

So we’re going to focus on those good moments now. To give a proper wrap up on this 2015 regular season, I’ve compiled together the 10 best plays from Arkansas’ 12 regular season games. Whether it was a win or a loss, our Hogs gave us a spectacular season to watch. Memories were made, hearts were broken and Henry’s were heaved. I hope you enjoy the Top 10 plays from the Arkansas Razorback 2015 Football Season.

And if you don’t enjoy it…I won’t change them anyway.

So ha.

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