Brandon Allen and Drew Morgan left off All-SEC Team


As you’ve undoubtedly seen by now, the Arkansas Razorbacks had 4 players make the coaches All-SEC team this year. Hunter Henry and Sebastian Tretola were first team All-SEC. Joining them are Dan Skipper and Alex Collins as 2nd team All-SEC members this year.

Now, I understand Collins not being first team. Despite having such an amazing career under his belt at Arkansas, Alabama’s Derrick Henry and LSU’s Leonard Fournette had more yards and touchdowns. Not to mention, more media coverage. I also find it somewhat odd that despite being tied for 6th in the conference in total tackles, Brooks Ellis wasn’t on either team this year. But, the Arkansas defense has struggled all season long, so it’s also understandable how that happened.

What I truly cannot understand is how the conference leaders in passing touchdowns AND receiving touchdowns didn’t make this list. I’m talking about Brandon Allen and Drew Morgan. These two kids absolutely deserved to be on the All-SEC team this year, and their absence, especially Allen’s, is mind-boggling.

I stated in a previous article that the battle for the first team All-SEC quarterback spot would be decided on who won between Arkansas and Mississippi State. And you know what? I stand by it. The Hogs lost, and Prescott is certainly deserving of the accolade. His overall legacy (which shouldn’t matter for the 2015 awards, but we all know it does) at Mississippi State is legendary. He guided them to previously unknown highs, and will define an entire era for Bulldog fans the same way that Tebow, Newton, McFadden, and other legendary players have for other programs. However, if we’re going to consider Prescott’s entire tenure at MSU, then it’s only fair to look at Brandon Allen’s.

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3 head coaches and 4 offensive coordinators in 5 years as a player. A complete lack of foundation to build upon until his last 2 years. The loss of a massive number of receivers to transfer and injury, and the lack of belief from many fans across the state. I mean, someone burned his truck, for crying out loud. And how did Allen respond? By being the anchor for the Hogs in 2015, and leading the conference in touchdowns and QBR. I don’t want to get into Chad Kelly’s past. It will seem like I’m picking on him. So instead let’s look at what he accomplished this year. He’s 1st in the SEC in yardage. He’s also tied for 2nd in the SEC in interceptions. Brandon Allen has more touchdowns, less picks, a higher QBR, and more yards per attempt. I just can’t explain how Kelly beat Allen for this spot on the All-SEC team. Especially after the

final 6 games

for Brandon saw him throw for 400+ yards twice, 19 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. Compare that with Kelly’s last 6 games, where he never threw for 400 yards, had 13 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Allen was the better, more dependent, and more consistent QB, especially in SEC play. Not to mention that Allen was splitting the ball with a 1,000+ yard rusher in Alex Collins. Jaylen Walton, Ole Miss’ leading rusher, has 690 yards on the season. The only way that Kelly gets an advantage over Allen is if you look at his rushing yards. But honestly, that’s more of a testament to how bad Ole Miss is at running the ball. Brandon showed on multiple occasions, especially against Ole Miss, that he was a very capable runner as well. All in all, Dan Enos said it best on Twitter earlier.

Drew Morgan is another head-scratcher for me. I understand him not being first team, because he didn’t quite have the yardage to compare with those top 3 guys. But what Morgan lacked in yards, he made up for in scores. He led the SEC this year in receiving touchdowns with 10, and was tied for 6th in the conference in receptions.

Morgan emerged as one of the most dynamic receivers in the SEC as the season progressed. When the season started, he was not expected to be the featured, or even #2, receiver on the team. But after some major injuries opened up a spot, he emerged as the Hogs best threat downfield.

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The good news is, Drew will be back for next season, and he’ll have a chance to prove the coaches wrong. Sadly, Brandon won’t get that chance. But while Brandon’s on the field performance may not have impressed the SEC coaches, it’s turning heads in the NFL. When the season started, Allen wasn’t even projected to be mentioned on draft day. As it stands now, following his outstanding performances, he has shot up the draft boards.

A great performance in the Liberty Bowl would solidify his standing as one of the best QB’s in Arkansas Razorbacks history.