Top 5 Heartbreaking Losses for Arkansas Football

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#5: 2012 &2013 vs. Alabama, Arkansas loses 52-0 in both games

Brandon Allen’s first start for the Arkansas Razorbacks will forever go down as one of the most horrific games in school history. The 2012 & 2013 games were put together to begin this list, due to the fact that 2013 was just a repeat of the previous year’s game. It was like watching a car crash, being in a coma, and having someone show you the car crash on video while you’re locked into a waking nightmare. SMILE!

The luck began bad for the Hogs on that day, as star quarterback Tyler Wilson was not going to start, leaving little ol’ freshman BA to start his very first game as a Hog. And boy did it go bad for him, as he went 10 for 18 with 60 yards passing and 2 interceptions. That gave him a QBR of 1.5. Alabama’s Eddie Lacy was responsible for 3 of their touchdowns, and freshman Amari Cooper was responsible for another one. Good thing neither of those guys panned out to be anything special.

This 2012 game was essentially the week where all fans figured out just how bad the Arkansas Razorbacks really were. Because just a week before this game happened, we were ranked 8th in the nation! Then suddenly we were being looked at as the scum of the SEC West, a title that we’re still barely getting out of to this day. Thanks Auburn!

Then 2013 came along. Some could argue that the 2013 game was somehow better than 2012, but in actuality it was not at all better. We put up more yards, sure. But that didn’t matter in the scheme of things. We had 3 turnovers in 2013 as compared to 5 turnovers in 2012. You could call that better, but is it really?

Bielema sure got his first dose of Alabama Crimson Tide, that’s for sure. Bama rushed for 352 yards in the 2013 game, while one of the Razorbacks’ leading rushers was our punter, Sam Irwin-Hill. I mean, he was an ambidextrous punter, but just because that’s cool doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to be one of our leading rushers. BA had a better outing than the year before, kind of. He went 7 for 25 with 91 yards passing and 2 interceptions and a QBR of 13. 5. I don’t care what you say I’ll call that progress.

In Arkansas’ defense, Alabama was ranked #1 both years we played them. But come on, man. 52-0 just isn’t acceptable. So before I get too riled up about these games again, we can move on to #4.

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