Top 5 Single Game Performances by Razorbacks Since 2000

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1) The time when Darren McFadden rushed for 321 yards vs. South Carolina… Arkansas vs. #23 South Carolina, 2007 (Arkansas wins 48-36)

When you rush for 300 plus yards on an SEC defense, that puts you in the upper echelon of running backs. What made McFadden different was the consistency in which he performed. His three years as a Razorback were nothing short of stellar and unforgettable.

On a night when the Razorbacks had not a lot to play for, McFadden gave the fans something to remember. He rushed for 321 yards on 34 carries and 1 touchdown, which is weird rushing for that many yards and only getting one touchdown. Many of the touchdowns were recorded by Felix Jones who, by the way, rushed for 166 yards on 13 carries and 3 touchdowns. Quarterback Casey Dick passed for 2 touchdowns, also. But nobody remembers that. What they remember is the best performance by an Arkansas Razorback player, ever.

Not only did the running back tie the single game rushing record held by Herschel Walker at 321, he also threw for a touchdown as well. McFadden redefined what a game changing player could be for Arkansas. He was a threat at every position for Arkansas, and he showed why against South Carolina on this night.

This was Darren McFadden’s last game in Razorback Stadium, and boy what a way end it in Fayetteville! 2007 was a year to remember for the Razorbacks. It was a year of “what could have been” with all the talent that the Hogs had. The circumstances around the seasons wins, losses, and coaching have maybe overshadowed some of the moments from that season, for sure. But McFadden is the greatest running back in the history of the Arkansas Razorback football program, and this game was his magnum opus. PLUS he gave us this picture of South Carolina running back Corey Boyd. He wasn’t the first person to make that face at McFadden’s abilities, and he wouldn’t be the last.

According to Sports Reference, McFadden ranks second in career rushing yards of 4590, sitting behind Georgia legend Herschel Walker. McFadden did this from 2005-2007, and declared for the NFL Draft after his junior season? But imagine if he stayed a Razorback for one more year, we could possibly be talking about McFadden being the greatest running EVER in the SEC. That’s another conversation for another day. On this night, Darren McFadden cemented himself as the greatest running back in the history of the Razorback football program. Case closed.

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