Top 5 Overtime Games for the Arkansas Razorbacks

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#5: Arkansas @ Tennessee (2002), 6 Overtimes, Razorbacks lose 41-38

While it’s hard to justify a loss being put in my top 5, the sheer entertainment value of this game forced my hand. Arkansas came into the game after losing to Alabama at home 30-12, and headed into Tennessee limping. But kuddos to the Razorbacks for battling and fighting the bitter end, even if it took 6 overtimes.

Both teams swapped field goals for the first two periods. The third was scoreless, despite an opportunity for Arkansas to shut the door with a field goal attempt. Arkansas then scored on a Matt Jones run, but failed the two-point conversion, which is required versus an extra point in the third overtime or later. The Volunteers answered the call on their first play, a 25-yard touchdown pass to wide reciever Tony Brown, but the Volunteers also failed the two, sending the game into a fifth extra period.

Tennessee’s Jabari Davis then ran into the end zone, but fumbled the ball as he crossed the plane of the goal line, but teammate and backfield mate Troy Fleming fell on the ball giving Rocky Top a six-point lead. Quarterback Casey Clausen was then sacked on the two point try. De’Arrius Howard ran in for the Hogs, but an interception by Tennessee’s Julian Battle kept the game continuing to a sixth overtime. David Carlton kicked a 47-yard field goal for Arkansas in the sixth overtime, but future NFL All-Pro tight end Jason Witten caught a touchdown pass from Casey Clausen, ending the game in dramatic fashion, 38–41.

Most teams would fold for the rest of the year, but not the Razorbacks. After that game, the Razorbacks went from 2-2 to 9-3, with The Miracle on Markham providing the 9th win. Arkansas went on to the SEC Championship Game and the Music City Bowl, both in losing efforts.

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