The Ole Miss Matchup is Looking Better for the Razorbacks

Fans, great news. Ole Miss lost….AGAIN.

Even before this wretched season began, all Hogs and Hog fans were dreading the day that we had to face Ole Miss again, mainly due to the fact that we had to travel to Oxford against a presumed highly ranked Rebel team. Another reason we have been afraid is because we kicked their sorry behinds last year 30-0, and no SEC team overlooks a good case of revenge.

When the 2015 season kicked off, the Rebels looked like a national contender. They scored 70+ points in their first two games, and beat Alabama IN Tuscaloosa, which seemed like an impossible task at the time. Quarterback Chad (Swag) Kelly was red hot and finally had his QB rating consistently higher than his GPA. Kelly had finally stuck with his hobby of throwing touchdowns instead of throwing frat parties.

But the Rebels’ luck soon ran out, and their first loss came at the hand of the Florida Gators. The Gators’ win over Ole Miss looked strikingly similar to the butt kicking we gave them in 2014. So now two weeks later, after an easy win over New Mexico State, the Rebels lost yet another game, to an unranked Memphis squad.

Oct 17, 2015; Memphis, TN, USA; Memphis Tigers wide receiver Daniel Hurd (83) and Memphis Tigers running back Jamarius Henderson (26) celebrate during the game against the Mississippi Rebels at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. Memphis Tigers beat Mississippi Rebels 37-24. Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

DON’T GET ME WRONG, Ole Miss is still a fantastic team (and so is Memphis) and deserve all the praise they can get, but they’re not as good as we thought they were going to be at this point in the season. And even with the jokes I said about Chad Kelly, he is still an explosive quarterback and leads the SEC in passing yards.

But with Ole Miss not looking so hot this year, how does this help our Razorbacks? Well, we will gladly take any easier games this year. With Ole Miss, along with half the SEC, not performing up to preseason expectations, these games are looking more and more winnable. If our defense can step up and play with the sternness that they gave Alabama, Week 10 should look very interesting for us. The only concern that we will have for the Ole Miss matchup is our running game, as the Rebels have easily the best D-Line in the country right now. So if we can figure out any sort of source for rushing yards in that game, that could very well be our difference maker. And who knows, we could have a couple of key players back by that game that are injured at the moment, so that could be another difference maker.

Arkansas vs. Ole Miss is still weeks away and anything could change by then. And as of right now we’re focusing on Auburn, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get a look ahead at what we might be able to do at Ole Miss in November.