Going Ham: Bret Bielema Scandal, Steve Spurrier, and Recruiting


Monday, October 12th will go down as one of the most insane days in off the field news for college football EVER. For fans of the Arkansas Razorbacks, it was a day full of arguing with everyone and ourselves about the video. You know the video. In the morning it looked like Bret had done something bad, and by the end of the day we had alternate footage that showed what really happened. I talked about it at length right here. I don’t want to type about it right now.

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However, if you’d like to hear Razor go off on a rant about it, then this is the show for you! We also talk about some recruiting news, as the Hogs are in the running for some big playmakers in skill positions right now. Notably, Isaiah Graham, a 4 star wide receiver from Louisiana.

The loss of Steve Spurrier to the SEC will be felt for years. He’s a rock in the college football world, and a rock star on the internet and with fans. Razor and I take a few moments out of of usually Razorbacks-centric show to talk about Spurrier and his legacy. We also tell our favorite Ol Ball Coach stories about his time at Florida and South Carolina. He was truly one of a kind, and he will be missed by folks like me.

Finally, we talk about the saga of Brandon Allen. The Razorbacks senior QB has, at times, looked amazing this season. There are other times that Allen has looked like he should not be starting. Razor and I both agree that he’s our best option for a bowl game this year, but is it really a compliment to be called the “best option”?

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