Let’s Put the Bielema Bashing to Bed, College Football Fans


Earlier today, footage arose of Arkansas Razorbacks Head Coach Bret Bielema

punching a baby seal in the face

being accused of instigating a kerfuffle with Alabama offensive tackle Cam Robinson. As I debated with myself whether or not to post the story this morning, I watched the video several times and couldn’t figure out why it had become such a big deal. The only thing that I took issue with was Bielema’s awkward celebration that will inevitably become his Howard Dean scream.

Lot’s of people, including Hog fans on the Razorbackers and my own personal Facebook and Twitter pages, made their opinions known, and they all seemed to echo my own: People are making a mountain out of a molehill. All that we saw was Coach Bielema break up an argument between two players, and then tumble backwards a bit. The general consensus from the Bielema haters (which is basically everyone for some reason) was that he flopped backwards in an attempt to draw a flag like he’s Vlade Divac, or that SEC refs would actually fall for something like that.

It was an absurd reaction. I don’t regret posting the article, especially because I said “We don’t know what was said” between the two people. We also couldn’t see what happened physically between them. The video was certainly pretty odd to see from the angle it was recorded at.

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Well thank God for the internet, because we’ve gotten some more angles of the situation, and these new angles should (but won’t) shut these absurd allegations down. First off, you can easily see that Robinson is still entangled with the Razorbacks player, and that Bielema, along with the ref, are trying to break the situation up. Then you can CLEARLY see Robinson grab Bret Bielema’s arm and shove him out of the way. That’s why he drew the flag. Here’s a video from Twitter confirming that.

Razorback Nation’s Facebook page also posted a video, this one from a different angle. Again, you can clearly see Robinson shove Bielema, and see that his “flop”, as it was called this morning, was him being knocked backwards by the Crimson Tide player.

For some reason, I can’t get Facebook videos to embed into my site ever, so here’s the link.

The attempt by people to smear and bash Bret Bielema since he got to Arkansas has become tiresome. Aside from his comments about the HUNH and player safety, he’s never really said or done anything to warrant the type of extreme hate he garners from people across the country. I realize that Big 10 people are super mad that their 3 time defending conference champion coach would bail on them for a not-so-dominant SEC program, but get over it. And I get that Alabama fans are upset that the Hogs refused to lay down and let the Tide roll over them, causing them to drop 2 spots in the AP poll. But you should probably get the hell over it, too.

While we’re on the train of accusing people of things, I’d like to know why Anthony Jacks, who is a coach at an Alabama High School, was on the Razorbacks sideline? I’d also like to know why he was allowed to film the game? I’m curious as to what the NCAA rules are about this, but I’d bet that they would frown on it. I wonder if Jeff Long will send in a complaint to the SEC and NCAA about this. I would definitely do it.

That would be the ultimate turnabout. If Alabama got in trouble because of the video even being in existence. But no one has every accused gumps of being intelligent. So now that we’ve seen the full video, I guess we expect an apology and such from other writers and websites? No? I didn’t think so.

Let’s just embrace the hate, Hog fans. They think we’re bad guys? Well say hello to the bad guys.

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