Going Ham: Depth Chart Updates and Razorbacks Identity Crisis


Joining us on this podcast is Reddit user No_Way_Pablo. He is a moderator of the Razorbacks subreddit which is at 1500 subsribers, and is an active poster on the massive Reddit college football subreddit. Make sure you check out r/razorbacks.

There is a lot going on this week in Razorbacks news. With the loss of Keon Hatcher for a minimum of 6 weeks, the Razorbacks suddenly explosive passing game has lost their most dynamic receiver. Hogs newcomers JoJo Robinson and Dominique Reed are officially on the depth chart for Texas Tech, and Drew Morgan and Jared Cornelius have moved into starting roles. What will the new receivers bring to the table?

The thing that has left Hog fans scratching their heads is the decline of the running game for Arkansas. The Razorbacks have a run first identity, but are averaging around only 100 yards a game on the ground. Texas Tech does not have a strong defensive line. This could be the last opportunity for the Razorbacks to get back to basics and boost their confidence before heading into conference play.

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It’s not just the loss of the “run game” identity. The Razorbacks are a team that does not get that many penalties, but against Toledo, the hogs had 8 holding calls (!) and 12 overall flags. These penalties cost us touchdowns. The shuffling of the offensive line might be the problem. Should Denver Kirkland go back to guard and should Brian Wallace or Johnny Gibson be bumped up to starting tackle?

The identity crisis isn’t just on offense. Brooks Ellis has been great against the running game, but is struggling in his new role as weakside linebacker against the passing game. The defense has given up a lot of passing yards, but as a whole, has been strong against the run and doesn’t give up many points. How long can they bend but not break?

The Texas Tech game is a must win game for the Hogs.

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