The 10 Dumbest Sports Writers in America: Clay Travis


As you may have noticed already, there isn’t really a list of top ten in this article. Our number one spot goes to Clay Travis alone for being the worst and dumbest Sports Writer in America.

Arkansas Razorback fans are in an outrage over Clay Travis’ recent article about “The 10 Dumbest Fan Bases in America.” People of the state of Arkansas and fans of the university probably should be too. Sure Buzz feed lists and top ten articles are the new hot thing in the world of journalism, but degrading a state and the university has probably taken it way too far.

Let’s just say I’d hate to be the next seven college football programs on this list. More than likely it will be a constant bashing of SEC schools that was previewed by mentions of every other SEC school in the Tennessee and Arkansas articles by Clay Travis. We’re probably just dealing with a poor loser that’s jealous of the success of the SEC, but who knows, I honestly don’t care where this clown hails from.

As if the coverage of sports in general isn’t bad enough for Fox Sports, they then allow a College Football blogger to write about fan bases in which he knows nothing about. These so called “fans” that have never left the state of Arkansas have reason to believe the opinionated “writer” (Clay Travis) has probably never even visited our state in the first place. I’m using the term “writer” loosely here because he’s clearly not a professional, just like me!

Obviously, as a supporter of Arkansas Athletics, I’m biased and think the article was ridiculous and probably one of the “dumbest” articles I’ve ever seen written.

Let’s start with a few obvious turn offs and “dumb” remarks from Mr. Travis’ article:

“Arkansas’s the mystical, distant mountain kingdom of the SEC, and Fayetteville is like the castle nestled in the mountains. It’s remote. As former coach Lou Holtz once said, ‘Fayetteville’s not the end of the world. But you can see it from there.'”

Do you even know what this refers to Clay Travis? Fox Sports? Secondly, who’s the dumb one now? Arkansas’s??? Are you kidding me? I thought maybe you just did this on accident, but it’s actually in the article several times. Ouch!

I didn’t think things could get any “dumber” until I read further.

“The Arkansas fan virus is so potent it infects everyone, even former president Bill Clinton, who once posed on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing Arkansas basketball warm ups. Despite the fact that the Razorback basketball team has not been to the Sweet 16 since 1996, if you call this anything other than a ‘dry spell,’ ‘your a hater,'” says Travis.

The quote itself is bad enough considering this article is on a college football blog. We’re chatting about Arkansas basketball and former president Bill Clinton. Hmmm! I guess he ran out of football arguments already. Then, the elementary writing comes crawling back into your “dumb” article by using “your a hater.” I can’t decide if “you’re” trying to make fun of Arkansas in general here, or if “you’re” really that naive and have this built up anger just waiting to explode on your next SEC victim, “No. 7.”

“Can you believe they took our Thanksgiving day game against LSU away,” says Travis again. Apparently I’ve been missing these Thanksgiving Day games year after year. Let me know when we are put back on that schedule Mr. Travis.

Slowly, I read down through the remainder of his article cringing at the delinquent errors and truths about my state wondering what possessed a blog to allow this fiction.

I can’t wait for your book on college football Clay! Keep up the good work?