Arkansas Razorback Football: Welcome to the Boneyard?


Welcome to the Boneyard!

Fans of please welcome guest writer Kyle Gibbins to the site.

Mr. Gibbins is a passionate Arkansas Razorback fan looking to add a little spice to games at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Longing for a fearsome stadium name Mr. Gibbins and his friends have embarked on a campaign worth taking note.

Enjoy Mr. Gibbins open letter to Razorback Nation.

Dear Razorback Nation,

The recent success of the Arkansas Razorback football teams has changed the culture of the program for years to come, especially considering the team’s dominance at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium with 76,000 screaming fans cheering the Razorbacks onto victory.

With only two home losses since 2009 (2009 to No. 21 Georgia and the heartbreaking loss in 2010 to No. 1 Alabama after leading 23-7 in the 3rd quarter), the Hogs have enjoyed the most success on the football field since their National Championship year in 1964 and the following 1965 season when Arkansas compiled a two-year record of 21-1.

The Razorbacks boast state of the art facilities on “The Hill,” with more state of the art facilities to come. Committing $320 million to the sports complex, expansion proves that Athletic Director Jeff Long and University brass know the Razorback product is one that is in demand.

Hog fans are already enjoying the brand new HD Jumbotron, or the “Pig Screen” as it is called among Razorback fans.

The Pig Screen is 167 feet wide and 38 feet tall with full HD quality that came with a $4.6 million dollar price tag; the second largest Jumbotron in college sports behind the University of Texas.

College football fans love tradition and fans are always on the lookout for that next thing they can use to connect with their favorite team. Fans want identification and ownership of their sports teams. We eat it up. This does not just apply to colors, cheers, and mascots, but also to stadiums.

The University of Florida has “The Swamp,” LSU welcomes visitors to “Death Valley,” and Michigan touts “The Big House.”

Hog fans from Fayetteville and all over The Natural State agree it’s time that D.W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium has a moniker as intimidating as Tusk himself.

One group of tailgaters in Victory Village, the mini-city outside the stadium that game day tailgaters populate, have started a grass roots movement to do just that.

University of Arkansas senior Jacob Tolman and about 15 of his Hog callin’ friends have agreed to “go big or go home” when they began a campaign to add a college football wide recognized designation to the stadium Hog fans love… “The Boneyard”

Tolman and his crew have designed T-shirts, banners, and bracelets, which are ready for purchase for Razorback fans, in preparation to bringing life to “The Boneyard” movement.

What the heck is a “Boneyard” you may ask?

One definition for Boneyard states that is an archaic word used synonymously with “graveyard.”

Can Razorback Nation think of a better calling card for Reynolds Razorback Stadium when referenced by the national media, Arkansas’ visiting opponents, or highly touted college football recruits anticipating their first game in the Boneyard?

After all, two losses in three seasons of SEC football with one of those home losses being squeaked out by the eventual National Champions is very intimidating for any visiting college football team?

Seems Reynolds Razorback Stadium has been a graveyard for visiting teams all along… now Arkansas fans have a name befitting their dominance on the field.

Kyle Gibbins